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  • Luna-Mug  8cm x H:10cm
    Luna-Mug  8cm x H:10cm
    Luna-Mug  8cm x H:10cm

    Luna-Mug 8cm x H:10cm

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    Dimensions: 8cm x H:10cm

    Elegant design inspired by the celestial light of the moon. A subtle and neutral canvas that enables the chef to tell a story, allowing the food to take centre stage and the colours of the food to really shine. A classic design in a smooth, shiny white glaze with a contrasting matt grey rough stone finish combining a classic and rustic look. Added value is also achieved though the textured embossment on the outside of the bowls and cups and on the inside of some of the dishes. An extensive range of items are available to be used across all parts of the dining experience including plates, bowls, oval dishes and cups and saucers.

    Colours and glazing vary and may be slightly different to the above image.

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